Child's play

It’s hoped that collaborative healthcare projects involving multi-disciplinary teams will create higher... More

Making general practice dementia friendly

Reports of significant national variations in dementia care suggest the challenge of transforming current... More

Service for a fee

The Department of Health intends to charge overseas visitors and migrants for GP services by the middle of... More

Patient care is on the line

As GPs continue to face immense pressure due to patient demand, digital and telephone interaction is... More

The Symphony Programme - striking the right chord

New models of primary care are being introduced in answer to the increasing challenges faced in the health... More

Sound in body and mind

Research suggests that patients with severe mental illness are at risk of dying up to 25 years younger... More

Let’s get physical... physical

Obesity is a growing concern in the UK and beyond and there has been an increase in related illnesses. The... More

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition principally of the winter months because the symptoms become... More

Inside the CQC

CQC Senior National GP advisor, Professor Nigel Sparrow OBE, explains what he needs to see for your... More

Healthy collaboration

At the heart of NHS care stands general practice as an integral part of population health care. The... More


November/December Practice Business

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